Month: June 2015

There are three dimensions, so you might expect that you need

If a post or comment indicates a personal agenda, their post(s) will be removed.Rule 4: No stirring the pot. Please do not post threads that target a[……]

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Treating a group as a hive mind means acting as though even in

I feel as if people wish they were still together and I’m sick of everybody saying that I broke them up. She spread rumors around saying I broke them[……]

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Have you seen the commercial with the 2 guys in the ski lift

“But it’s different when your partner can now observe that steroids for women, see it in black and white. ” nThere’s also the other edge of the online[……]

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Chapter III discusses references to music in the archives of

From this catalogue we determine that the total number of these ‘red’ sources is at least an order of magnitude higher than predicted by galaxy evolut[……]

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The battle against lust is a constant struggle

amazon to show 20 matches a season from 2019

yeti cups In fact i distinctly remember QueenE got something like 35k viewers. Lets check how she is doi[……]

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